26 Magnificent Animal Images Captured In Their Woodland Habitat

Portrait Elk

Animals hold a special place in our hearts, we keep dogs and cats, rabbits, horse, donkeys and goats all as pets and most of them have duel purpose. However it’s those that we cannot keep as pets that we are in awe of.

The huge Elk as crosses the water, the brown bear fishing for Salmon, these animals despite being some of the most dangerous in the world, still keep us coming back to the wilderness time after time.

In this article, we take a look at 26 majestic images of animals captured in their natural habitat. This series focuses on the woodland and forest areas of the US and Canada.


Woodland caribou

A Caribou strolls past the camera, possible to visit it’s watering hole or to find a way across the water to the thick forest on the other side. The antlers on his head are impressive, they can grow up to 125 cm in length, 112 cm across and weigh as much as 15 to 20 pounds.

Grizzly Bear

A single grizzly bear perches over a fallen log, and takes a rest in the warmth of the suns rays. Bears often use these logs to look for grubs and things to eat, this log however looks like it has long since dried out. This guy is a very large grizzly with magnificent fur and a huge neck and hind legs.

deer/doe posing in the woodlands

The familiar sight when deer are startled in woodland as they pose to look for any sign of a threat. It’s likely they heard the sound of the camera or the rustle of the dried grass in the distance. Look at the white and black tail of the doe in the foreground, with small white patches under the neck and eys being the only break in it’s brown coat. They are almost camoflaged to their surroundings.


Another deer, this time a male stands tall on it’s own with the lush green woodland in the background. He seems poised, at any moment to take off and head for the bush, just as quickly as you see him, he will disappear back into his solitude, grazing on grass and foliage.

Squirrel Central Park

A small red squirrel snacks on nuts in the autumn time, you can see yellow, orange and auburn leaves litter the floor beneath the great tree. The squirrel with his red/brown fur, white lined belly and bushy tail a mixture of red, brown, white, black and grey. His ears stand to attention, listening for danger and no doubt paying close attention to the cameraman.

A pair of wild boars embrace in what loos like a kiss as they rummage through the dusty dirt looking for food to eat. They fur stained with a recent mud bath as it has dried into a sandy cake like substance in the heat of the day.


A deer roars in a high grassy woodland, possible rutting season as he seeks a mate, he could very well be on the trail of a female who has caught his eye. The sound they make as they roar is intimidating and magificent, Those mighty horns horns thrust backwards as he turns his head skywards to open those vocal cords to let rip.


A lone brown bear walks along a dusty rock path after a recent downpour. His fur damp, yet it has shed most of the rain water as he strolls looking for food and entertainment. The thick woodland in the background offers his protection, a playground and a place to call home.

grizzly bear

A female Grizzly and her cub paddle through shallow water in a rock river bed, her nose up high, smelling the air and catching a scent of something. She uses her nose to guide her to food, the young cub looks on and learns the ropes, already he is large in size and if you were to stumble upon this pair you would be very unlucky.

Badger near its burrow in the forest

A badger ventures out, not far from it’s burrow deep in the forest. They are mainly active at night, so it is rare to get a good shot of one in the brightness of daylight. He looks inquisitive, sniffing the air as they use their nose for sensing danger and food. His blue eyes contrast against the white and black of this fur that covers his entire body.

Wild boar in the forest in autumn

A small boar roams the forest in autumn, the leaves making foraging more difficult, however the seasons brings it’s own foliage, berries and cool days. Autumn is a great time for his to find a muddy body of water to bathe and frolic. His young mind excited by the forest and all that it has to offer.

Wolf with cubs in the forest

A White Wolf protects her cubs in the forest, the 2 small cubs, their fur still a brown/grey color cling close to mum, frightened to step too far away. The new sights and sounds, the potential predators and their prey, they will learn from mum how to hunt, kill and eat, how to hide and make their den.

Beautiful owl in a forest

Two beautiful Owls, looking as wise as Owls do, stand atop a sawn tree trunk, their feathers a mixture of white and yellow, with black flecks thrown in for a great camoflage. One turns his hed to the right, seeming not interested in the camera, however hs is still looking. The Owl in the background, eyes fire orange stares into the lens on high alert.

Beautiful owl in a forest

Another owl, this time he stands alone in the forest, magnificent white and diesel colored feathers cover his body from head to toe with his menacing yellow eyes staring right at the camera. He seems to be part hiding behind the tree in the foreground as wary as owls are of anything that moves.


A beautiful Lynx lays down in the leaves, it’s black strands of tell-tale fur standing upright on it’s ears as it listens to the sounds of the forest. This big cat is smart and very sercrtive, with a larger nose and a great sense of small, Lynx are stunning creatures and fantastic hunters.

The beaver chews a piece of apple

A small beaver chews on a slice of Apple without a care in the world. Clearly not frightened of the people around him he grips the apple and relishes the taste. His fur is soaked from a day busy in the water, however the fur is a gret water repellant and will quickly shed any excess water and keep him nice and warm.


An Eagle prepares to take flight from a fallen branch, it’s wingspan reaching out to poised, it’s claws clutch the log to balance and it’s eyes are focused on something down below. The stripes on the underside of it’s wings like those of a Zebra and it’s chest looks like a burning flame of orange and black.


A Raccoon relaxes in the crux of a tree, clearly not fazed by human presence as it rests it’s chin against the think branch. the tree will offer protection from rain and predators and be a little safe haven away from the burrow. His black eyes glisten and let out a hint of yellow as the lends captures the moment.

Portrait Elk

The perfect portrait of an Elk in deep snow, it’s legs a perfect color to blend into the cold wet stuff and it’s body mixes well with the bark of the trees. If you look closely, it seems as the Elk has been in a recent scuffle as you can see a wound above the right eye. However it is likely that he has recently shed his antlers and they will regrow over the next year.

Canadian female Duck Camouflage

A great shot of a Canadian female Duck in flight, she is camouflaged against the dark forest in the background, it’s only telling sign is the stipe of deep blue and white across it’s wings. Likely looking for a body of water in which to land, bathe and fish.

Canadian landscape with mountain goat in Alberta. Canada

Alberta, Canada. A Mountain Goat poses for the camera with it’s long horns arching backwards towards it’s neck, it’s beady eyes, orange and black. The Canadian mountains in the background, the goats home, food bowl and playground. In the foreground you can see a lake which will provide a drink for this busy goat.


Another shot of Lynx, this time three of these amazing animals perch on a fallen log in the forest. They are all fixed and locked onto the same thing, the one in the foreground, his eyes wide capturing more light and planning their next move. His pupiles are dilated and the orange of the eyes tell you that this is a predator looking for a meal.

Deer in sunset in the forest

What an amazing shot a a large deer in the forest, the sun setting in the background casting a darkness all around and framing the deer in the perfect light. He is turned slightly, listening, waiting, ready to make a dash for it. They are not socialble with humans, they will run, fast if needed.

Wolf pack

A stunning wolf pack on a grassy verge look over this way as whoever has disturbed them, their ears stand upright to capture the sounds. They one at the front stoops his head low in preparation for whatever may occur next. They all have the same white and grey coat, thick and warm which keep them happy, even in the harshest of winters.

Large Brown Bear fishing for salmon in a river

Now THIS is an action shot. A large Brown Bear fishing for Salmon on a fast flowing river, not afraid to get his feet wet, he pounces and is caught on camera in mid-strike. They are great at hunting and fishing and will be feeding up ready for hibernation in the winter time.

Great Spotted Woodpecker.

A great Spotted Woodpecker breaks the silence of the forest as he knocks on an Aspen tree with his pointed beak. With his lovely interlocking black and white feathers that give the Woodpecker a spotted look, I would say this guy actually looks like his has strips not spots.